Your Property Owning Year

The start of a fresh New Year often brings with it a need or desire for change, shall we book holiday or move house?

Having battled the weeks of cold and snowy weather before Christmas a change of climate and scenery sounds attractive;  moving house, on the other hand, can also be an attractive option and not just attractive, but also daunting, challenging and resulting in permanent change.

Property Agents will tell you preparing your property for sale can make all the difference to saleability and price.  Therefore, if you do decide to sell now’s the time to make a late New Year’s resolution to do all those little outstanding jobs around the house and de-clutter.  Even if you don’t move it’s great to have a good sort out!

Spring with its lighter days and warmer weather is often seen as an ideal time to sell property.  Investors may be keen to sell residential investment properties before the end of the tax year to realise their capital gain.  Certainly in rural areas properties look their best with the daffodils in full bloom and people are so much more cheerful once the sun comes out!   “Putting you house on the market for Easter.” is a common old saying underlining this popular time to sell and means buyers benefit from more choice.

Summer and often properties must be bought in time to move before the start of the new school year, with investor buyers equally keen to catch bargains for the last of the student letting before university terms begin.  Be aware of frustration for everyone when transactions become protracted due to holiday commitments of those in the chain.  No matter how early a property is secured, it can often result in a last minute scramble.

Autumn ushers in some sanity to the year: schools are back, people are more focused and there’s a marked increase in sales agreed.  At this time of year sellers may be more willing to negotiate if a property is unoccupied, as owners try to avoid the upkeep of an empty property over winter.

Winter and the lead up to Christmas is a busy time to buy and move with many developers offering special deals providing you can commit to exchange and complete before the year end.

But remember, no matter what time of the year you decide to buy, sell or both, you only need one buyer and one property to buy.  Finally, put your trust in an experienced  property solicitor to help you achieve your dreams.  Here’s to 2011 and to the success of all the changes you choose to make.

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