A narrow escape

A client wanted to begin a building project to create their ideal home in the country. They found a disused chapel in an idyllic village near to York, North Yorkshire, with a large external area suitable for an extension and creation of a garden. The chapel was being offered at auction and our client sensibly asked us to examine and report on the contract papers.

To our and our client’s horror, we reported the following:

  • the seller did not have any title to the garden and its ownership was disputed by a neighbour
  • the chapel was listed and on further enquiry of the Local Council we found that any interior changes were to be ‘minimal’
  • the seller was imposing new restrictions, one of which was that there were to be no extensions or external alterations to the property

In light of the above our client did not bid at the auction and considered their lucky escape. They also wondered what unsuspecting buyer, who had not checked out the papers, could possibly do with such a property? Quite frankly very little.

What to budget

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“Approachable, practical, direct and great with the detail; as this is often where the devil hides, Barbara has a great knack for anticipating where challenges may arise and handled a private water supply issue with tact and diplomacy, dealing with all aspects of our purchase to deadline and in a highly professional and comprehensive way. Responsive, reliable and armed with great local knowledge, Barbara was just what we needed.”

Mr. Paul Aber