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Barbara Jacobs & Co
The Hawk Creative Business Park
The Hawkhills Estate
YO61 3FE

Fax us at: 01347 825271

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CYBERCRIME ALERT: Please be aware that there is a significant risk posed by cyber fraud, specifically affecting email accounts and bank account details. OUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS WILL NOT CHANGE during the couse of a transaction and we will NOT transmit or change our bank account details via email. Please be careful to check account details with us in person if in doubt. We will not accept responsibilty if you transfer money into an incorrect account.

“Total conveyancing service, could not be faulted from beginning to end.”  Evelyn Weir

Visitors: please call ahead for an appointment. Our offices are located on the first floor of our building. If you have a disability, a ground floor meeting room will be provided. Parking is free.

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